Our love of homegrown flowers and veg is what has inspired us with our new venture.  As long as I can remember I have always had a love of being outside, right from making my first batch of perfume from rose petals in my Nan's garden.  The excitement of digging potatoes with my Grandad which was like digging for gold, I still have that very same feeling every time I dig potatoes at the allotment which takes me right back to my childhood.

Listening to the birds singing, to the smell of the four seasons in the air and the aroma of sweet peas on my Nan's table.  Which combine to make so many happy memories, and maybe the odd occasion of looking over a wall or fence into someones beautiful garden to give us that hint of inspiration.

Our garden has evolved over the years as our two boys have grown up into young men.  But one thing that has always stayed the same is my ability to plan lots of creative ideas, which my husband then brings into reality.  Russ is a carpenter by trade and has a real passion when it comes to crafting anything out of traditional materials.

We have not always found it easy to find lovely looking rustic frames and supports for our garden and allotment.  Which is where this idea originated from, that rustic look that I remember from my Grandparents garden.  Whilst at the same time having something that looks just as good in the winter months that will provide structural interest. The overall finish is to be left to naturally rust to give you the look we love so much, but will also be durable and stable and last for years to come.

We will be selling garden frames/supports, architectural pieces.  Alongside garden accessories, one off vintage pieces and beautiful things for your home & garden.